Avary's Place

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I finally bought it

I just remember how much i love ST:NG. I just bought the entire series on dvd. I've got a lot of free time oin the summer and i discovered that there is a 2 hour block on tv every weekday. I started watching and got hooked... again. I love ST. Especially NG. It's the best series imo. Teh cast is great and the writing is awsome. Its fake, but its beleivable fake. It's not totally crazy and wacky. well, it is, but it doesnt seem that way. I hear all teh nonsense talk and i dont think anything of it. star trek has been good about this imo. in general al ST series are pretty good about this. I know the stuff is fake but i enjoy the thought that maybe in a long time, it could become reality. I just have a good imagination and a love for technology. Im a huge fan of sci fi and I always will be. The idea of all that stuff is just cool. ST is better than SW imo. SW wasnt ever a series, but i just think the ST stuff is better. anyway, i cant wait. 7 seasons. drool. Too bad the semester starts tuesday. hopefully ill find time to watch these, though i will be working extra hard in school and i have a rather full schedule.